Our priority for anyone who attends a visit at the Storey Arms Centre is that they enjoy their time with us safely.  As a group organiser, we ask for your help in making sure that we have the relevant information for all participants and visiting leaders so that we can provide support to anyone who needs extra help at any time.

For a day visit, the amount of information that we need is less than for a residential visit, but it is important just the same.  Please make sure that you ask your participants for the information listed below and bring it with you on the day.

If you think that any of your participants may need extra support that will take some organising beforehand, please contact us a couple of weeks before your visit.  We can cater for most things already but will be happy to make special arrangements if it means that everyone can join in safely!

The personal information that we need to know about all participants and visiting leaders…

Personal information

  • Name
  • Address
  • Age
  • Any medical issues
  • Current tetanus?

Emergency contact information

  • Contact name
  • Contact telephone number
  • Relationship to participant
  • Doctor’s Surgery name
  • Surgery telephone number

Additional information

  • Swimming ability – confident/can swim/can’t swim
  • Photo consent – happy for Storey Arms to use appropriate photos in social, online and printed media
  • Other – anything which may affect safe enjoyment of the day

Participant/Leader Information

When you join us for a day visit from a school or other organisation, we usually rely on the fact that you will have all the necessary medical and emergency contact information for your participants with you as part of your own visit risk management.

If you are organising the day for a private group of friends, family or colleagues, there are lists below that you can use to gather this information before your visit and bring with you.

One of our outdoor tutors will welcome you to the centre and will check for any information that we need to know about participants who may need extra support to enjoy the day safely.  We need you to bring your list of participant details with you on the activity in case we need to refer to it.

Additional Learning Needs

We regularly work with participants who have additional learning needs.  Our outdoor tutors are experienced in tailoring our day visits to suit the needs of all participants and have had training in working with those who have autism.

As part of this, many of our group leaders provide us with a One-page Profile for any participants who need particular support.  We welcome this and there is a blank form below for you to use if you do not have your own.

Storey Arms View


Electronic collective form

Suitable for under 18 groups
For adult groups where privacy is not an issue –


Manual version

Use this form if you wish to fill it out by hand.
Sometimes it’s easier if everyone is in the same room!


Individual form

You may prefer to use this with adults so the forms can be given direct to our outdoor tutor to protect privacy


Blank Word document

Suitable for participants who have additional learning needs
Do make changes to make it suitable for your participants!

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